Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Attitude Vote

The winner of our Attitude Vote for August is Anna! We appreciate all of her contributions to the hospital and are glad she's a part of our team!

Good Job Award

We are proud to honor Michelle with the Good Job Award for August! We appreciate all of your contributions to the practice and we are happy to have you as a part of our team!
Don’t run the risk of losing with your pet with no chance of reuniting. Even if your pet never wanders away, remember that in old age, pets have a tendency to lose their scent and can wander too far to retrace their steps. At Barrington Oaks Veterinary Hospital, we recommend a microchip for every cat and dog.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today is National Assistance Dog Day! Assistance Dogs transform the lives of their human partners with physical and mental disabilities by serving as their companion, helper, best friend and close member of their family. We would like recognize and honor the hardworking assistance dogs and honor the puppy raisers and trainers of assistance dogs as well as recognize the heroic deeds performed by assistance dogs in our community.